Black Cat Tattoos was created in 2009 by husband and wife tattooers Jason Lambert and Cara Cable. The shop was founded on the idea that good tattoos are the result of happy, dedicated artists collaborating with their clients. All of the artists at Black Cat believe that a tattoo should be applied with a strong graphic quality using traditional techniques which have proven to hold up and look the best for the entire life of the customer. We feel strongly that "bold will hold" is the jumping off point for a tattoo that will be both timeless and unique for each customer.


In 2013 Black Cat moved from its small studio in Oakland to a much larger studio in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh. This allowed Jason and Cara to bring in their good friends and talented tattooers, Jess and Matt. The new shop helped cement the friendly, open environment we have always valued at Black Cat. You wont find rockstar attitudes or unprofessional work ethic at Black Cat, we treat our customers as friends and all bring a sense of dedication to the art-form we love and have dedicated our lives to.