Q) How much do your tattoos cost?

A) For tattoos that can be done in one or two sessions we give you a flat price. For larger work that requires many sittings we charge a flat price for the outline session and then an hourly price of $150 per hour. Anyone who has been tattooed by us will tell you that we always give you more time than we charge for on hourly work.

The price is based on so many different factors that coming up with a 'price list' is impossible. Things like the size, complexity, location, and amount of background can dramatically change how long a tattoo takes. We can promise that the price will always be fair..

If you need to cancel or reschedule its no problem as long as you give us notice 48 hours before the day of your appointment. Unfortunately if you do not give us 48 hours notice you forfeit your deposit, and any future appointments until you leave a new deposit. Please remember that there are a lot of other folks who would like to get tattooed and if you cant make it for your session 48 hours give us enough time to get one of them in instead.


Q) Do you talk walk ins?

A)  Most days one of our artists usually has time for walk ins, but please call ahead before any walk in if you want to be sure we can fit you in on the day you are coming. We try to get everyone in, but sometimes we are simply too booked up to accommodate walk ins.

Q) Can I have a consultation with my tattooer before we get started?

A) Definitely! To set one up for yourself simply give the shop a call @ 412-621-1679!

Q) How do I set up an appointment for my tattoo?

A) Just stop in and we will find a time that fits your schedule. Once we set up your appointment ask for a small deposit (unless you have already left one for the artwork).

If anything comes up that requires you to move or cancel your appointment simply give us a call and we will reschedule you over the phone.

Some of our artists are booked up a few weeks to months ahead, feel free to call or stop in and we will give you a call when they are taking new appointments!

Q) What should I do on the day of my tattoo appointment?

A) First of all, Relax! We are firm believers that a relaxed attitude equals an easier tattoo. Be sure to eat at least an hour before you come in and feel free to bring any snacks or drinks you might want during your tattoo. Also, please be sure to wear or bring clothes that give us easy access to the area to be tattooed.

Q) Do you take credit cards?

A) Sorry, we are a cash only shop.

Q) Do you do any kind of tattoo?

A) Pretty much with the exception of photo-realistic wildlife, portraits, and strange un-tattooable areas like the tongue or bottom of the foot. Our main goal is to give you the best tattoo you can, if we feel like we cant deliver that we have no problem recommending another tattoo artist/shop who can.

Q) What is the healing like?

A) About the same as a sunburn or a skinned knee. We recommend a mild antibiotic ointment like Aquaphor for the first 12-24hours and a mild lotion for the week after. A fresh tattoo should not be soaked especially in chlorine/pool or lake/sea water for about 2 weeks. Also a fresh tattoo should not be tanned for2 weeks after receiving it and should always be protected with sunscreen after healing

Q) Is there parking near the shop?

A) Yes there is street parking all around the shop.